Our Kent, Washington Headquarters

Our Kent, Washington Headquarters

6324 S. 199TH PL - SUITE 101                          
KENT, WA 98032-2135 USA                                     


PH:  253-854-0090

FAX:  253-852-6452

Incorporated in 1981 Trade Associates, located in Kent, Washington, has been a trusted supplier for some of the best known names in both manufacturing and retail in the US, including Ingersol-Rand, Sanborn, Coleman Powermate, Pay ‘N Pak, Eagle Hardware, Werner Ladder, Scotty’s, Inc, 3M and others. The company specializes in and is a vital link in producing innovative private label or OEM products for major firms.

The company has also provided products under a series of private label brands, including Air Force and Mechanics Air Power (Pneumatic Tools), Mark I (Drill Presses, Table Saws and other machinery), Cup Eliminator (Disposable Paint Cups) and Dura-Block (Blocking Tools) to wholesalers and retailers across the country and around the world.

The Dura-Block Division ( www.dura-block.com ) carries products specializing in the Autobody and Marine repair industry. The patented Dura-Block conforms to the contours of the sanding surface yet has a hard-enough surface not to dig into fill material. The Dura-Block is the acknowledged gold standard with professionals in the autobody repair and refinishing industries and is available worldwide. Dura-Blocks are just one of the patented quality products supplied by Dura-Block. Other patented products include the 007 Spray Gun Series, Cup Eliminator disposable cups and others. In addition, many of these products are private labelled for major manufacturers.

RC Aerodyne ( www.scaleflying.com ), a division of Trade Associates, provides hobby enthusiasts with top quality scale parts. The company spearheaded the development of its trademark Super-Scale[J1]  designwhich places the helicopter gearing and motors above allowing for a full cockpit below, exactly as it would be in a real helicopterRC Aerodyne is a Trade Associates online store. Our guideline is to purchase products from manufacturers providing product liability insurance to cover their products, insure customer safety and to stand behind the quality of their products. In addition, we have always strived to respect the intellectual property of others, including copyrights and patents, purchasing products legally licensed and produced or securing such licenses ourselves, regardless of country of origin.

RC Aerodyne is continuing to grow by entering into one of the most exciting and futuristic areas of development; commercial drones. The company has purchased and is developing the RC Aerodyne Airpark in Searchlight, Nevada ( www.searchlightairpark.com ) and is turning it into a premier Drone Development and testing center. An Emergency Heliport will be opened to serve law enforcement, medical evacuations and firefighting for the surrounding areas. By the end of the year we are moving to begin construction on hangar and manufacturing facilities for drone development and production in an aggressive move to locate both international and domestic drone manufacturers to this site. This airfield is one of the only ones in the State of Nevada without interference with other commercial approach patterns. It is the only one in the State with a 34 mile, non line of sight, FAA approved drone testing corridor. There are virtually no restrictions on flying from this field.